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Dear DEVs of EFT,

first of all: thank you for a great game, we all had and will have great moments in Tarkov.

Instead of spreading valuable infos about upcoming patches across your forum (single comments, pinned threads), in livestream „interviews“ (klean, kotton …), how about a section on your website/forum dedicated to Patch-Notes, with a fix URL like we all can bookmark and check from time to time?!

Bonus (optional): Blog-like Updates from you (weekly / monthly) with informations on what you guys currently work or plan to work, problems in development, what to expect for the next update … screenshots maybe.

I think the community would be thankful for this, at the moment its a pain in the a$$ to get all informations, PLUS: we never know if legit information or „somebody heard from somebody“.

Please give us more news on a regular basis.
Thank you!

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This exact thing was already mentioned in one of the Q&A's and has been mentioned by Devs around the forums as something that is at least resting on ice.

Searching is not that hard.

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