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Ok, I'm new to the beta, I've enjoyed gameplay, couple of things here and there that you would expect from any beta. 


But there's a suggestion I would like to make about weapons and insurance. 


I believe that if this game is going to go far as in a pubg (player unknown battlegrounds) or a csgo type publicity. You'll need to add a feature where you can save at least one item. 


Possible that it could be added into the insurance feature. It'll cost more but you can "save" a weapon indefinitely. 


Ive been searching for an m4 or ar15, and I've considered the possibility of turning the game off if I got one and lost it. I might have a melt down, or in respect, make guns a little more accessible from loot stations. Maybe put armory style locations, a police station with an armory type thing, gun closets in houses, etc. 


i like the thought of the game and I want it to take off and be popular, so we can have some bomb fire fights, Squad fights, clan fights, etc. but currently in the beta there isn't much appeal to stick around compared to other games. 


Pubg grabs you by the ears and sucks you in, in having a hard time finding the thing that makes me want to continue to raid over and over again. 


Maybe im misinformed on some level of the research I've done on the game but as I've stated, just suggestions, maybe others will have something to add.


also, no admin has to reply to this and tell me why I'm wrong, just suggestions. Take them or naw, either way it's ok. 

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Ok you are saying if you go in with a m4 or ak and you want to have no risk of losing it... that is against what the game is suppose to be. If you die and lose a weapon don't get mad because you can earn another one possibly next match. The insurance as it is now is good anything that doesn't get looted will be recovered should you die, but the person that kills you can still loot it.

Lastly there was disscussion on a container one more row out so you could potentially fit a ak74u into it, but they are going to fix pistol glitch and test to see if it will be balanced before it is announced.

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Yes you've been misinformed, this game has little to nothing in common with PUBG or CS, apart from there being guns of course.

The whole game is built around a loot system, and It's not really comparable to those earlier mentioned games, it's closer to a dayz style of looting and exploration, but still that isn't a very accurate comparison either.

I used to think I'd hate to lose an M4 or an AK-N, but now I have too many guns that I basically sell almost everything I loot from raids. I understand not wanting to lose gear, that's why dayz and exile/epoch/etc never really hooked me in, but this game does a better job as you can find interesting items all the time, and there's a certain element of exploration involved that Arma doesn't provide, at least not in the same way.

One thing to remember is that you can level traders, effectively the more you play the more gear you can buy, and you can buy AK's and even M4's once you level up and get some spare cash.

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I think you missed the point of the suggestion, doesn't necessarily need a rebutle. 


Im just asking that you think outside of yourself maybe to players who struggle and loose all their stuff.


i think that maybe it could be insurance that cost a lot of money and only last for one use. 


For instance, you go out with your bad a sniper rifle an you die by a fluke or some weird something, or maybe you want to be a little bit more daring a do some crazy stuff you never done before, having the option to save at least your bad a gun would be encouraging as in building the community of game play and add more elements to the game.


wish this could've be a thread of ideas and suggestions, not a bunch of people saying what's already been said. What happened to dreaming? 


Anyways, I'm fine, I got tons of loot, been selling, have a bit of cash, im just thinking on the level of the community as a whole and not just myself. 

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1. insure your stuff
2. give it to your friend
3. next raid have your rifle back from your friend
4. next day have the rifle back from insurance
5. ...
6. Profit

its the best and legal way of duping a good sniper rifle
but thats just my point of view

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