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The grind... we need it

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I love EFT it's a great game with great mmo pvp realm war potential.

But where these mmorpg games have a nice grind, EFT doesn't and I sometimes dont want to log in to play.
I have everything I need that is currently ingame (I know this is a small fraction of what is to come) and the only thing to farm is exp. I know EVERYTHING will be wiped eventually but exp is the most boring to farm because there isn't much to see/gain from it, AT THE MOMENT. Unlike loot, which I don't need because the only thing to grind for is Heavy Armour and it's not worth losing multiple sets of gear.
If you can't tell I play for the mmo aspect not fps. If I want to play an FPS game I'll play *insert arena shooter here* and I can kill individual player/squads fine.

I'd like to know more about the plans for the economy and loot. We havn't had much on that and 'the grind' is why a lot of people play. With real life pricing currently ingame and something BSG prides themselves on, it's easy to amass wealth in Escape from Tarkov (unlike real life because, there's no respawn in real life...) and then it's not fun to keep grinding for nothing useful. Also, when you fill your stash with money you don't have space to enjoy the game. Yes, hopefully stash space is rumoured with the Hideout patch.

I am hoping the Hideout will be a nice grind, but other than that, because of 'real life pricing' model it only leaves pvp which while fun isn't the aim of the game surely? I can play any other game or genre for pvp. Tarkovs pvp isn't that good by comparison. Not flaming, just saying what I believe. I will play the game at release EVEN IF that is it. Pvp. But I would like to see time sinks like other mmo's, personally. Is this for Tarkov's style? Maybe not but thats why I bring it to the forum.

So what will we be grinding for in future patches? Will we just pvp for our realm? Then what? How about release, can we get some speculation? :)

And one off Unique/legendary items don't really count as grind and they are rumored to be coming.

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