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Am 9.7.2018 um 19:36 schrieb ap0:


I am having trouble doing the "Fishing Gear" quest. On two occasions I had the tool with me and tried to place it in the boat at shoreline. I have unlocked finding the secret spot but no matter how I position myself I do not get the prompt to place the item. Anything I can do here?

If you put down the gun. Go into inventory and out and then place it :)

Am 29.2.2020 um 02:14 schrieb MoxMisanthrope:

I just want to find the Salwa's for the first Task of Therapist...I think my PMC has yet to complete a single raid.

You can craft them from lvl 1 medic it counts as found in raid.

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Just wanted to throw this here because I've been seeing a lot of people having difficulty with the first few locations for Prapor. Just uploaded a whole 1-8 guide to YouTube.   I hope

so you can read on the forums but u cant read the actual text of the quest?   i dont get why ppl are askin for answers a few hours into the patch.. whats the fun of beeing told what to do?

1. go into 3 story dorm. 2. there is a room on the 2nd floor which has a partially blocked door. enter this room and search the jacket for the machinery key.  3. after you got the key you go

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