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The voice and gesture menu is awesome, But..

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As much as I love the Voice Commands and Hand gestures, the way of using them is way too slow to utilize during a raid.

If I need to quickly tell someone to get back, I need to go through 2 menus where I have to click each time, and I cannot move while doing it, and I have reduced visibility, not entirely sure why the screen surrounding the menu get's blurry. When I'm talking in reality I don't suddenly get blurred vision.

Sure, it takes a little over a second but when in a firefight a second is a long time to be standing still with extremely reduced visibility and that's just for one section of the menu.

A few ideas that could work to make the process somewhat more effective and comfortable.


  • Being able to choose phrases that can be hot keyed could be one way of dealing with it. For example: Alt + 1 = Follow me!, Alt + 2 = Get back!. 
  • Making the options not need to be clicked could speed up the process, highlighting and releasing the button should be enough. (Overwatch for example).

Player Comfort:

  • Remove the blur around the menu.
  • Enable movement when using the menu.
  • Make the Black Hexagons slightly transparent, to allow for slightly more visibility when in the menu.


I don't know if I'm the only person who currently feels this way, it's possible I am in the minority. 

Sadly I'm currently unable to actually play EFT because of the known performance issues, so I didn't really get much time to get used to it before the game became unplayable. 


Love the work you guys do.

- Sev

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Your idea is good. but there is an idea about key binds, now I do not know if it will be accepted by Devs :P

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