Escape From Tarkov Comic Contest Part 2 - Win Beta Trial keys!

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Hello Escapers!

We are happy to announce another iteration of the fun and creative community giveaway contest, similar to one we held shortly ago. Once again, great prizes are to be won. Winners of this competition will be receiving Beta-Trial keys for varying durations. The winners have been selected based off Staff judgement on originality, effort and votes. Offensive/Violations of the forum rules have been disqualified, and repeated submissions that violated forum rules before final submission have been taken into account.

Thank you for those who did participate!

Rules are as follows

  1. Must stay true to the spirit of the game. Derogatory, Abusive, Offensive, Vulgar or any submission in violation of the forum rules will be disqualified and removed.
  2. Must adhere to the Forum Rules
  3. Must be Unique and original, first one to post will be considered the 'original' idea.
  4. Must use the Template image as supplied below!


Due to the lack of submissions and participation, the prizes have been modified.

  • 1st Place - Two 14-day Beta Trial Keys for themselves and to give to a friend, or give the two away to friends!
    • Winner - @Wichern for originality and effort.
  • 2nd Place - One 14-day Beta Trial key for themselves or to give to a friend!
  • 3rd Place - Two 3-Day Beta Trial keys for themselves, a friend or two friends!

Winners will be decided on Saturday, October 7th. Submissions will be closed at Midnight, Friday, October 6th. Be sure to submit your entry before then!



We would like to wish everyone the best of luck and creativity in their submissions. May the best comic-creator win!

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