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Scavs are not players - they are AI - its programming...Which means their actions and thinking is instant...the mere fact you have already stated that when we wear armor scavs will automatically aim for our legs. NO ONE walks around aiming at peoples legs like its better than a headshot...this is not realistic at all and the sheer fact scavs aim at your legs instantly! knowing your wearing armor and blasts 2 shots there and you die has got to be the most ridiculous thing - you see its not the dying thats frustrating especially to good play or bad play on the players behalf but dying to AI that have an unfair advantage that crosses the BS line is infuriating...even the BS of a hatchet runner at point blank swinging away at a player who is completely armored with an AK going "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAART" into his chest and that hatchet runner doesnt die even after a few bullets is ridiculous - but hey! I think its BS but thats ok - good on the hatchet player for getting away with it and gearing up - AI BETA & BS are walking hand in hand at the moment.

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