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Internet broken when I enter this game :(

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I don't what is the problem. My modem or my ISP... I can't figure...

But when I enter a map my Internet starts to work very slowly. So slow I can't even open Google. Can't watch a video in Youtube even 140p.

This is not happening in other multiplayer games which I play a lot. Only Tarkov and this problem occured after hotfixes. Before them there was no problem.

I really like to play this game again.

I can solve this problem sometimes by resetting modem and reconnecting to game. But with that I can't go to the raids with geared anymore because of danger.

Have anyone have a problem like this? Let me know please.


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I have seen posts from some people who claim that the game downloads and uploads large amounts of data even whilst you are stationary on a map.  So, if you have small bandwidth it could be that the game is using it all.  We hope that this might be solved with optimisation in future patches

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8 hours ago, RainmakerM4 said:

What is your internet download and upload speed?

Not very good actually. But as I mentioned I've got no problems before the patches. This problem beginned after the first hot fix.

And I'm experiencing this issue only with this game. I'm playing Pubg, BF1, BF4, F1 2017 etc. without any problem and with 60-70 pings.


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