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Scav vs PMC damage resist

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A few weeks into the game and although still learning from failure I'm having a lot of fun!

One issue I have is that when I am fighting Scavs I find them taking much more damage than PMCs and wondered whether it was just me. I am tending to only use AK74N currently as seems good damge. On raids where I only come across AI the post combat report indicates I average 5 hits per kill (not good at headshots yet!).

In contrast when I have only fought PMC the average is 2 hits per kill even though usually armoured. A run this morning I swept through spawns at Woods as joined late and got a group of 2, both in PACA and Kiver. Killed both and then legged it to extract as 2x fully tricked AKs, 2x Kiver, 2x trizip and loads of 60rd mags. Post combat report was 4 hits and 2 USEC dead.

Next raid was 32 hits with 5 scavs killed.

How can unarmoured Scavs be harder to kill than armoured PMC?


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I guess it's dependent on which part of the body you aim for because on recent runs in Factory, I tend to use lesser the ammo for killing Scavs and use more for USECs/BEARs.

I have no idea why my observations are like this, but hey. works for me.

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think the difference is how "real" players and AI react on getting shot and move after the awareness of getting shot,


what i recognized is that ai scavs instant after you fire a shot close to them or hit them, start running behind the next cover, while most players are not react the first 2-3 shots out of an m4. the reason for that is the delay between both players and the server,

what that means is that a player isnt turning the first few shots because the information of getting shot has to reach his computer and after that his brain, so the chance hitting the same body part two times and kill him is higher on an pmc then on an AI scav who instant starts running when the shot information reaches the server =)

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