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Greetings operators! My name is Kiba, I am a 3D animator and "Head of the Weapons department" of BSG. 
Im responsible for everything that is about weapon realisation in Escape from Tarkov.

In this section, we will discuss all weapons represented in EFT, discuss its pros, cons and everything related to it.

It is extremely important that you understand these simple section rules for our productive communication:

- There is only one thread to discuss one gun, including its caliber variations, barrel length and etc. Except those modifications that drasticly change the way the gun looks and/or the way it handles. 

- In the thread we discuss only specific model and its realisation, to discuss ammunition and weapon engineering there will be created related threads.

- Escape from Tarkov Developers aiming to recreate real life guns in the most accurate way, however, there might be mistakes during development process. If you have noticed inaccuracy in the looks, mechanisms or description, please, inform us with link to the source of information.

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