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time limit

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really cool didnt know that.

i assume you get your stuff back if its insured right. (been in servers where time randomly switched from having an hour 20 to giving us 9 minutes not the best experience when you are in shoreline somewhat far from the exits)

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13 hours ago, necuja said:

Glad you found the answer, hope the stalemate went well!

he killed me and my 2 mates after we unloaded 2 mags each into him and survived an f1 right on him 

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So for the time limit, when i looked it up, if you survive as a scav it was my understanding you keep your stuff. But i killed some people looted some stuff, as a scav, and as it reached 45 seconds got a server error and was disconnected. Reconnected and same error. Wasn't sure if i was supposed to leave before time end or what?

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