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Collision or close quarters with scavs

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Bloody hurry up and implement something when you collide with scavs - because as players our weapons flick up and gives no damage whilst scavs  can for some reason still shoot you magically with a full length shotgun - when is butt stroke coming in? hand signals are useless a waste of your programming time - game necessities like a butt stroke for close quarter combat with a weapon should be a higher priority and more useful and practical in this game...

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Give it time, the handsignals are great imo because I tend to play solo and it's nice to atleast try and help a naked player from time to time without having to shoot every time you want him to look somewhere. 

It would be implemented anyway at some point and since we still lack voip in game we gotta make due. 

It will come when it does. It's still beta and there are so many things still in development that you can't expect small things like that to be made with the highest priority.

As with everything in this game, have patience and stay calm. No need to be yelling cause thats not gonna speed up anything except for your bloodpressure.

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vor 3 Stunden schrieb Km4n:

hand signals are useless a waste of your programming time

the handsignals are part of a vision how the game will be in its future, there is no need for any interaction excluded shooting each other atm, so nobody uses them for now, when the faction stuff gets more important people will use the signals for sure

and the collision with "AI" the mechanic is allready in to block their weapon, but its not working yet i believe

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I could have sworn I saw a key bind for butt-stroke under the controls. I'm pretty certain it hasn't been implemented yet :(

It would be pretty cool as it could cause a stun or knocking off aim effect depending on where you hit someone.

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