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anyone getting random freezes?

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So for the last two days i've had the game just freeze at times and i have to alt f4, which hasn't happened since i added ram to get to 16gb. I don't know if its just on my end but i just lost a full fort/kiver and supressed saiga to a shotgun naked because my game froze as i was pushing him. If you read this guy who got my gear, you're a luck son of a beach

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Please use the search function before opening a thread to prevent duplicates like this one.

There was no new patch the last 2 days so its either on your end or the memory leaks, some people seem to have, are responsible for this behavior. Also, there is a bug with the unity engine which happens every 17th raid in line, where you will be stuck in "awaiting server response" and have to ALT+F4.

Sadly, for the first reason there are multiple possible causes, so look around in the forum. Maybe someone came up with a solution that works for you. For the latter reasons, a restart of the game should work.

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