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Allow testing of unowned items offline

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I have been playing Escape From Tarkov for a while now and have found myself often curious as to what and item does or how it performs in game. Sometimes when I first started the game I would buy a scope only to have it not be compatible a weapon. What I am suggesting is that when you select offline mode you get a menu where you can choose what you want to bring with you, similar to the normal inventory screen, except that has all the items in the game and you can pick and choose what you want to bring. This would be a good idea for bug testing because then the items that many people will never be able to get or play with because of its rarity can be tested for bugs by many more people. This would also allow people really interested in the weapon customization system like myself to test out different configurations before deciding what you like the best so you can make informed decisions when purchasing items. I think this would be a really amazing addition to the game. If not a system like the one discribed then you could implement a target range with different containers that contain all the items in the game, as a target range like that would, I imagine be fairly easy to implement as all that would need to be created is a small area for it to take place in, this area could even just be a section of one of the normal maps.

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