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Spawn Art Suggestion

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Hi art/devs,

I have a quick suggestion that may give a bit more work to the art guys but would be very immersive. The extraction points are very nice and gives you an immersion that you are actually leaving the place (round). However the spawn is a bit random and looks like you just drop out of the blue in this place.


My suggestion is to add some artwork on the spawn areas so it looks like a entry point. Could be a window, a rooftop, a door, rope, tunnel door, anything that gives you the impression of a place you just came in from. I know it will "reveal" the spawns areas, but since it's quite easy to find out the spawn areas form a map i don't think it will affect game-play and will improve the immersion. Also the "entry point" don't need to be exactly on your foot (so people can just camp it), I would say something more like on the area of the spawns (somewhere near) you can have a place that looks like you could have entered. Maybe in the future you could even have different animations on the entry points and extraction points (depending on the type).


Here is my 5c hope you  guys like the suggestion.


All the best and keep up the good work.

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