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Stash sorting system


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I suggest a sorting system of the Stash to make stash management less tedious and time intensive. I would prefer a free system to maintain room for personal preferences and emphasis.

The idea is as follows:

Allow assigning stash Areas for certain Item-Types per dragging or clicking the desired cells. The size could be a single cell, a row or a block of cells of any size. Item types would be categories:





WIthin those category cells, rows or blocks you can assign furter restrictions and ammounts.

Example: Create a 2x5 area inb your stash for "meds". Assign a 1x2 subspace in meds for "Bandages".


Maybe allow colorizing the background of those areas.


Now i would suggest that items you ctrl-click from your inventory into your stash directly go into the assigned areas. For a final luxurary feature i would suggest a possible category "sell", where all the items go when the designated area is full.


This system would allow a free, modular management of the stash depending on personal preferences or current item needs and would allow for a quick and clean dropping off of items inbetween raids.

Let me know what you think or add your own suggestions.

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I had an idea similar to this but it involved the hideout in a more dynamic way. Making it where you get a set number of squares for your whole stash and dividing it into categories such as weapons, rigs and armor, ammo, meds, and misc. Where putting an AK in the weapons category for example would remove 10 squares, the space it takes up currently, out of your current overall stash of squares. The part that I think would be cool and dynamic would be that in the different sections of the hideout you could see you guns on a wall or in open weapon crates, ammo could be in boxes or loose depending on the amount, and misc items could just be strewn about on tables and boxes around the hideout.

Sorry for the wall of text I'm not really used to formatting for forum posts.

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