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Where do OCEANIC and ASIA connect?

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35 minutes ago, Magpie231 said:

This is blatantly false.

You're right - there's definitely no guarantee you will connected to the server with the best ping.

Since the addition of the latency indicator I've noticed that some games I'm getting connected to are 180-200 latency. These instances are obviously when I'm getting connected to US servers and not Oceanic. 

However, when it actually works properly and I get sent to the Oceanic server my ping is 40-50ms.

Obviously the performance difference is huge between the two. I'm not really sure why it seems to be random which one you end up on when connecting.  it's really annoying that you're basically rolling the dice for a non-laggy game as an Oceanic player though.

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So AU players are obviously not connecting to servers in AU.

Sydney player getting ~250ms ping constantly. This is game breaking. 

Can't believe this is still a thing. Fix the damn AU servers.

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