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Just spawned as a Scav at Customs.


It spawned me right beside the bunker exit in the factory zone, so within a minute of spawning im in a gunfight with a player scav.

I gave him the wiggle but he decided his AKS wasn't enough and wanted my MR shotgun. I killd him and began to reload.

Then some other Scav fiend comes up as i'm looting and shoots me in the gut. I let loose the magazine at him, clip him then run dry.


I go prone and begin reload. Knowing that he's reloading and probably pushing me or going to just crouch-jump over the pipe i was taking cover behind on the road just near the exit to checkpoint, i couldn't move.


After going prone and pressing R the gun took some time to begin reload animation. During that time i could neither stand, or turn my body with mouse axis.


I got dead.
Worth submitting a ticket, or feature?

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