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Carma system/Npc

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I've been playing Tarkov since lauch and there was always one problem i noticed.

The problem is about killing your faction members.

I know that there will be a carma system in the game in the future.

And i heard many player based designs like jamming guns hallucinations etc. .

My problem with those desings is simply that they not just give the players a disadvantage they also give you a luck base that easily outconters skills.

There should't be a thing in the game where you can play as tactical and well as it is possible and than die because you had bad luck and your gun jammed or you were focusing on an imaginary enemy.

So i was thinking about what the best solution (design) could be.

And i came up with this idea.

I present my Idea of “the Huntress“. (Working name)

1) What is the Huntress

The Huntress is a NPC/Trader
Wich bases on moral (Reputation)
Like a normal Trader the more moral your character got the more specific items will be sold to you.

2)            Quest/Carma System

The whole Quests are based on to improve the carma system.

I imagine it like following at starting  level (or whenever you unlock the Npc as a trader) you can buy a mobile phone from her. This phone will be used to interact with the quests.

So when you got a phone and you start a raid (not scav). You will recieve a message telling you if there is someone in the raid who got a bounty. 

Here  we get into the carma system. The bounty will be randome selected ( not 100% that every raid has avictim). 
Even tho its random if you lately killed a buch of the same faction members your chances to be the Victim will be increased dramatically.

So if you receive a message that a victim is in the raid. Nothing happens
till the victim (player who got selected)
Gets in contact to scavs.

Everytime the victim gets spotted you will receive more and more infos through the phone. Like the victim has been spotted on the dorms with an ak-47-u.

So all players that got a phone and are in the raid will receive more and more precise Infos. 

And the will hunt the victim because who ever kills the victim firts get like 50.000 roubles.

We would get many benefits not just a new trader and mechanics. 
We would probably see less same faction killing because of course you don't want that bounty on your head.
And we would see more options to get players together to let them not just run to the exit maby even let them think about turning around and move back.

If you kill a faction members you will automatically get a penalty from the trade where you wont recive any Infos anymore and might be the next victim.

Of course if you are successful you wont just receive the money you will also get more moral to trade with the huntress.

3)   How does the phone work

Th pgone is like a lasermarker you need them for the quest but you can lose them.

Why should i not simply put it in the secure container. Its like medecine if you have it in your pocket you will hear the message ringing an you can instntly (if you binded it to the quickbar) have a look at the phone wich gives you the advantage of seeing the infos faster to get ahead of the other hunters that may have the phone in the container.

4) What should she sell

I think the most fitting ( see under quest) items to let her sell are like the name is saying hunting goods.
I am not talking about sbiper rifles specally i am more talking about evry hunters gear like scopes, hunting rifles, camouflage (still hope for a ghillie) goods etc. (Maby on level 3  moral she's selling you things like claymores or IR).
She should not sell you things like 50.cals.

)How do you gain/lose moral

Moral is gained by doing the quests(See under quests).

Moral is getting lost by killing Members of your own Faction.

1 Usec/Bear minus about-0.1

1 Scav minus about 0.05 but additionally you will get higher chances start with worse spawn gear.

I think this would be one of the best ways to solve the problem.

However let me hear your thoughts what could i change with my idea .
What are your ideas.

Yours Remger 

And dont forget keep playing!


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I think this is well thought out and would help with the faction killing. which is extremely frustrating to spawn in and suddenly get killed, also approaching other scavs praying they dont kill you. its always a coin toss even if i wiggle or thumbs up motion.

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How about the faction itself sends a kill squad to wipe you out as part of a karma system.  There still needs to be a more of an easy way to determine your faction fighters the MS2000 marker would make an nice basis to do so as right now your killed on the spot as a potential risk to their precious items.

I just came out of a scav match where i spawned by the Hut exit with mods and weapon chance, so i go under the bridge and to the right around the train car. i hear gun shots ahead and see a player scav apprehensive and goes prone.. so i think "hey i will go lay next to you and we can kill the fucker.."  he must of jumped out of his seat as he stood up and sent me to the menu screen :) Cheers bud..   

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