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Character isn't responding and keeps crawling

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I Tried to jump into a truck that wasn't a accessible and now I dont have control over my character. My character keeps moving on the ground at a angle but I cant control it. I've tried crouching , proneing, sprinting but nothing is working. Any suggestions? I dont wana quit and lose my gear.

Eddit: getting this msg in my concle

[Error] : RenderTexture.Create failed: width & height must be larger than 0

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8 minutes ago, PIK said:

alt + f4 and reconnect, wipe soon anyways, better dont care about loot :)

good ol alt + f4, on page 1 of the IT support copy pasta guide ;)

OP listen to PIK, if it doesn't work then you must say good by to Tarkovs cold world. 

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