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No ping counter?


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I get it ,it's a hardcore shooter, but a ping counter is a must, the amount of deaths i've had from people around corners, delay on frag detonation & how choppy the hit detection is at the moment. It would be nice to know if I'm playing on a local or foriegn server. Because I swear all my insta deaths are from lag & i've been playing shooters for over 10 years on the PC.  So I know what lag is and what it feels like. 



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If you would like to know which servers you have been connecting to, you can check your logs. For me at least, the file location is D:\BsgLauncher\EFT\Logs. You'll get see a bunch of folders, each one containing info about a single session. Choose a recently dated folder and open the file that ends in "application". You'll see some IP addresses, each of them for every one of your separate raids. Copy paste those IPs into a IP tracker and you'll know where you've been connecting to.

But yes please. A ping counter/some connection bars even would make it so much better for us all.

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