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Welcome to the Escape From Tarkov forums!

Please be sure to follow the forum rules to avoid getting in trouble!

1. General provisions
The Escape from Tarkov game forum is freely accessible to anyone interested for visiting and/or registration for further use. By registering on the Escape from Tarkov forum you automatically accept the rules below and agree to comply with them; otherwise, Escape from Tarkov forum Administration and Moderation reserves the right to restrict you rights on the forum or block your account permanently.

The main language used in the English section of the forum is English. All messages in any of the other languages will be removed. This restriction is imposed to ensure the quality of moderation.

Please note, the beside general Escape from Tarkov forum rules, there are additional rules that apply only to a particular section of the forum. They are posted as a sticky topic on top of the section. Please be sure to read and observe them as well.

2. Administration and Moderation
You can view the effective staff of Administration and Moderation by following this link
The forum Administration and Moderation staff is responsible for maintaining the forum functionality and enforcing the order in it either with technical intervention or by using moderation tools available on the forum. The Administration and Moderation monitor the order of conduct on the forum and, in case of violation of the rules applies, in accordance with the rules, disciplinary measures comprised of various types account blocking and restriction of its functions on forum. Administration and Moderation works in the post-moderation mode, which means the published materials are being controlled and revised after they were published. Control is not absolute, and, if you discover the violation of the rules, please use the flag option to send it for review.  

3. Creating messages and topics
Before creating messages (posts) or discussion topics, please make sure your message or topic complies with the present forum rules. Also, before creating discussion topics or asking a question in any form, please make sure that such topic does not already exist on forum and the question was not yet answered on it, to avoid double/multiple questions or topics bearing the same meaning.

4. Private messages
The private messages of users (conversations) are generally not reviewed by Administration and Moderation; however, same rules apply to this part of the forum as well. You can flag the messages in conversation that violate the forum rules.

5. Types of offences
The Escape from Tarkov forum rules (applied to private messages, topics, messages and profiles) explicitly and strictly prohibit the following actions:

Provocation, Trolling, Flame
Any messages and expressions aimed at inciting conflicts, controversy, or other types of negative effects, or repercussions of such effects are considered as offence.
-Read only - from 1 day up to 3 weeks
-Ban - from 1 day up to 3 weeks
On repeated offence:
-Ban - from 3 weeks to permanent

Profanity, Masked profanity, Vulgar expressions, Offensive euphemisms, Offensive attitude
Profanity, including that masked with different symbols, or abbreviations, and acronyms. Vulgarities and generally offensive expressions are strictly prohibited on forums.
-Read only - from 1 day up to 3 weeks
-Ban - from 1 day up to 3 weeks
On repeated offence:
-Pre-moderation - from 3 weeks to 4 months
-Ban - from 3 weeks to permanent

Derogatory attitude, or direct offenses based on racial and/or national prejudice
Any attempts to incite international and/or interracial enmity, derogatory and prejudiced attitude and offences will not be tolerated on Escape from Tarkov forum. 
-Read only - from 1 day up to 3 weeks
-Ban - from 1 day up to 3 weeks
On repeated offence:
-Pre-moderation - from 3 weeks to 4 months
-Ban - from 3 weeks to permanent

Flood, Spam, Off-topic
Creating multiple messages/topics with same contents, creating messages/topics that bear no practical meaning, or intentionally splitting the messages/topics which could be fit into one, or deviating from the topic of discussion is forbidden. For side topics not directly related to discussion in question, you're welcome to start a new topic in the Off-topic section of the forum.
-Read only - from 1 day up to 2 weeks
-Ban - from 1 day up to 2 weeks
On repeated offence:
-Pre-moderation - from 1 week to 1 month
-Ban - from 3 weeks to permanent

Posting referral links, Advertising links, or other types of Advertising
The forum prohibits placement of any kind of promotion, including, but not limited to, advertising of other resources, services, goods and placement of referral links. However, this does not apply to in-game services offered by players, fan-based resources or social media communities, and other fan-made materials.
-Ban - from 2 weeks to permanent

Posting photo / video and other materials of nsfw / shocking / pornographic nature in messages, topics and/or profiles
Although the project itself has an 18+ age restriction, forum is publicly accessible for users of any age, and therefore posting any materials that are in any way offensive, shocking, obscene or pornographic is prohibited. 
-Ban - from 2 weeks to permanent

Text formatting abuse 
The forum forbids excessive use of text formatting that makes text hard or impossible to read (including, but not limited to all-caps, uppercase, lowercase, strike-through, etc.) 
-Removal of message or topic with warning
On repeated abuse:
-Ban - from 1 day to 2 weeks

Creating multiple accounts, alts
The forum does not closely monitor, but nevertheless restricts the creation and use of multiple accounts for various abusive actions, violation of rules or artificial reputation boosts.
-Permanent ban of all alternative accounts.
-Owner of the alternative accounts may receive, based on degree of abuse, either a warning or ban from 1 day to permanent one. 

6. Penalties and types of penalties
The forum Administration and Moderation is hereby warning that committing any of the offences listed above may result in the application of one of the following restrictions to your account:

Verbal warning
Administration and Moderation have a right to (but not required to) issue a verbal warning to user if the offence was not considered severe enough for blocking or restricting of account. The verbal warning shall contain the reason that caused it for the user to take notice and comply with Escape from Tarkov forum rules thereon.

Pre-moderation, temporary or permanent, means that every message or topic the user attempts to post on the forum will have to be approved or declined by moderator prior to publishing.

Read-Only (RO)
Read-Only (RO) - temporary or permanent, a restriction that blocks the user ability to create topics or messages on the forum. User can only read the materials published on forum.

Ban - temporary or permanent, completely blocks user account and all of its forum abilities and functions.

7. Feedback
If you have certain issue or question and you can't find solution for it on forums or in the FAQ, you may contact Jr. Community Manager Natalino OR Community and Support Team Leader Blackb1rd.

Thank you for understanding, dear users and future players, and good luck on our forums!


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Using Complain button to attract the attention of forum administration

Using Complain button to mark your own message (e.g. with “Delete” or “Answer this” comment to attract the attention of forum administration) is prohibited. Please remember that this function is only intended for complaints of violation of the forum rules. Its abuse is considered a violation and may entail an administration of warning points.

To quote other messages consciously

Also, we’d like to ask you to quote other messages consciously. Quite commonly, quotes have few images and paragraphs of text and the reply itself is just one line long. Such messages make Forum look cluttered and interfere with the comfortable perception of the topic by other visitors. We suggest you to only quote the parts essentially linked to your reply. Thank you for understanding.

Daily message restriction for newly registered users

The forum features a daily message restriction for newly registered users - they can post no more than 9 messages per day. As soon as the total number of messages left by user reaches 20, the restriction is lifted, allowing user to post without any limitations.


Addition to the Forum Rules

Posting referral links to other projects is a violation of the forum rules and may result in imposing of warning points. Please remember that the forum is only intended for discussion of the Escape From Tarkov project.

Discussing actions of the forum administration, moderators and developers alike, is prohibited. What is considered "discussing the actions of the forum administration":

  • Disputing the imposed warning points or public statement of disagreement with the imposed penalty;
  • threats addressed to the moderators and developers.

Your complaints of moderator actions should be sent only to support @ battlestategames. com

Moderators are forbidden from publicly discussing their actions.

Necroposting in the News section

Necroposting (bumping of the old topics) in the News section is strictly forbidden! This is a serious violation of the forum rules which hinders the proper perception of the current and outdated information, and the moderators could impose substantial penalty for it.

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Account/Character Naming Rules

The regulations provided below apply to the names of the characters and clan names in Escape From Tarkov. If the account or a character name violates these rules, it will be given a warning and a standard nickname (appearing like TarkovCitizen12312352) will be assigned to it. In the case of serious or repeated violation of name selection rules, your account may be blocked.

Attention: the name-changing functionality is not available yet, but will possibly be introduced later.

The list of possible violations includes, but not is limited to the following:

Nicknames and names of clans that:

  • Directly or indirectly relate to registered trademarks.
  • Directly or indirectly relate to public people (celebrities, high-ranking officials, et c. - everything that could be considered as pretending) unless it is your real name. In the latter case, please be prepared to make a picture of yourself with your ID in hand at the request of the moderators.
  • Are directly or indirectly insulting to another person or a group of persons, or contain profanity.
  • Directly or indirectly contain a name or nickname of Battlestate Games staff.
  • Directly or indirectly use vulgar expressions as well as notions of physiological aspects  that are commonly considered vulgar.
  • Directly or indirectly mention illegal drugs or illegal actions.
  • Directly or indirectly contain mentions of sexual or violent actions.
  • Are racist or derogatory against a certain group of people.
  • Directly or indirectly mention religions and/or religious leaders.
  • Contain ads, including, but not limited to ads of websites, social communities or organizations (it doesn't mean EfT communities).
  • Make pretence that their owner is related to the administration of the game or forum ("moderator", "admin", et c.)
  • Contain information that violates the laws of the Russian Federation or rules of ethical conduct.

The forum administration and the Battlestate Games company reserve the right of final decision on conformity of the questionable nickname to company rules.

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