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Welcome to the Escape From Tarkov forums!

These Forum Rules (the "Rules") are binding for all Users of the forum (the "Forum"). By creating a Forum Account, Users agree to all terms and conditions hereof in full without any exceptions. The Forum cannot be used for any purposes other than specified herein. Any information posted on the Forum is not binding, except for Administrator notifications. The Forum Administration cannot be held responsible for the content of any messages posted by Users. The exclusive responsibility for the content of messages posted lies with the authors thereof. The Forum Administration offers technical facilitation for Users to post and exchange messages only.

Terms used in these Rules

Forum is an information resource for the Escape from Tarkov game (the "Game") which is based on UGC (user generated content) principles as regards the creation of the Forum materials by Users. The key purposes of this resource are:

  • provision of Users interaction;
  • giving Users the ability to post information;
  • information exchange between Users.

Users are individuals who have registered at the Forum. By registering at the Forum, Users agree to provide their personal data, to the required extent by the Forum Administration during registration or in the course of using the Forum. The User may cease being such in the event of an unlimited termination of User Account at the Forum, including due to a failure to provide data requested by the Administration or offense hereof.

Moderators are Users who assist Administration in governing the Forum voluntarily and free of charge. Moderators monitor the interaction and exchange of information between Users, as well as posting of information by Users in one or a group of Forum sections. Moderators are responsible for supervision over the observance of terms and conditions hereof by the Users and taking necessary measures to eliminate any offense. Moderators are not employed by the Company.

Administration is BATTLESTATE GAMES LIMITED (the "Company") supporting the functioning  of the Forum through its employees authorized to govern the Forum (the "Administrators"). In order to meet legislative requirements and User interests, the authority to publish official information affecting such interests lies with the Administration; the titles of such publications are accompanied by an ‘Official’ inscription.

Account is a member account, created by a User and owned by BATTLESTATE GAMES LIMITED, which constitutes a set of User authentication data, necessary for the User’s identification (authentication)at the Forum.

1.General information

These Rules govern the interaction of a User with the Administration, Moderators and other Users in the course of using the Forum and are binding for all Users, Moderators and Administrators.

Any amendments and additions hereto will come into force upon their publication.

The Forum is public either for access or for registration of the Account at the Forum and it’s further usage by anybody. By registering at the Forum, you automatically accept the Rules. Otherwise, the Forum Administration and Moderators may restrict your access to the Forum or block your account permanently.

The main language used in the English section of the Forum is English. All messages in any other languages will be removed. This restriction is imposed to ensure the quality of moderation.

Beside the general Forum rules, there are certain rules that apply only to particular sections of the Forum. Such rules are published in the respective sections of the Forum.

The Forum is post-moderated, which means that messages posted by Users at the Forum are not preliminary reviewed, edited or modified in any form, but can be removed after being posted by a User, should they offend the Forum rules, effective legislation or in other cases provided for hereby.

The Forum Administration cannot be held responsible for the content of any messages posted by Users. The exclusive responsibility for the content of messages posted lies with the authors thereof. By registering at the Forum, Users agree not to use the Forum to post information which is deliberately false and/or offensive, indecent materials, as well as information that offends the right of other Forum Users to privacy, or any other materials violating applicable legislation.

The User agrees not to post any copyrighted material without obtaining permission from the copyright holder. Otherwise, the Administration may remove the materials offending the rights of copyright holders and apply the relevant restrictions to the Account from which they are published, up to complete unlimited ban of the User Account at the Forum.

The Administration reserves the right to remove messages, topics, links, etc. without warning, as well as modify these Rules. 

2. Administration and moderators

You can view the effective staff of Administrators and Moderators by following this link https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/staff/ or clicking ‘Administration’ on the Forum website. The Forum Administration and Moderators staff is responsible for maintaining the Forum functionality and enforcing the order in it either by technical cooperation or by using moderation tools available at the Forum. 

In case of any offense hereof, the Forum Administration and Moderators may apply disciplinary measures comprised of various types of temporary or permanent Account blocking and restriction of its Forum functions. If you discover any offenses hereof please use the ‘Complaint’ function at the Forum.

Please note that this function is intended to report an offense of the Rules only. The use of this function for other purposes, including to draw attention to your own Forum post will be considered as its abuse. Abusing this function is classified as an offense and may result in penalties at the discretion of the Administration and the Moderators.

The Administration is not responsible for any temporary technical failures or disruptions in the operation of the Forum or communication lines and other similar failures, as well as for any problems with a computer from which the User accesses the Internet.

Administration may request identification data from the User and block the User’s access to the Forum, should the User deny such a request. 

Administration may remove, move or edit topics or posts without notifying the Forum Users.

3. Naming Accounts, Avatars and Characters

The following rules apply to the names of the characters in the Game (the "Characters") and the names of Accounts. If an Account or a Character is assigned a name which is not in compliance herewith, a warning notice will be issued in regard of the respective Account or Character, and the Administration will enforce renaming of the Account to read as ‘TarkovCitizen12312352’. In case of severe or repeated offenses of the Account naming rules, an Account may be blocked.

The following types of names of Accounts and Characters are prohibited:

  • directly or indirectly referring to registered trademarks;
  • directly or indirectly referring to real government officials;
  • directly or indirectly offending another person or a group of persons or containing profanity;
  • containing real names/game names of the Forum Administrators and Moderators or directly or indirectly alluding to the ownership of the Account or Character by the Administration and/or Moderators;
  • directly or indirectly using vulgar expressions or offensive language;
  • directly or indirectly containing names of narcotic substances or illegal actions;
  • directly or indirectly containing references to acts of sexual or violent nature;
  • having a racist nature or aimed at discriminating a certain group of people;
  • directly or indirectly containing references to religions or religious figures;
  • containing advertisement of a site, a group in a social network or an organization (does not apply to the Game communities promoting themselves);
  • containing information that violates applicable law or ethical conduct norms.

Such actions may be considered by the Administration as an offense hereof and may entail the penalties to the User in accordance herewith.

The Administration and the Company reserve the right to make a final decision on the compliance of the names of Accounts and Characters with the Company's rules.

4. Creating messages and topics

Before creating messages (posts) or Discussion topics, please make sure your message or topic complies herewith.

Before creating a discussion topic or asking a question in any form, please make sure that such topic does not already exist on the Forum and the question has not been answered yet to avoid double/multiple questions or topics bearing the same meaning. To this effect, we strongly recommend that you use the Forum search option.

When creating a topic, Users are obliged to:

  • articulate the subject of discussion clearly given the section’s subject and adhere to the subject of the topic when sending messages in the future;
  • read additional rules (if any) or a description of a specific section of the Forum;
  • select an appropriate Forum section with a similar thematic focus.

Users should use the Forum only to discuss the set subject of the Forum and/or the Forum section.

  • The Forum prohibits Users from making the posts containing the following:
  • trading (or discussion of trading) of Game characters, items, services for character upgrades or Accounts for money/money equivalents/material or immaterial rights and other properties. Advertisement of such services is also prohibited;
  • advertising any campaigns, organizations or websites not relating to the Forum;
  • links to resources containing information or programs used in violation of applicable legislation (including intellectual property and copyright protection); 
  • materials directly or indirectly violating the copyright and/or other rights of individuals and legal entities. Materials directly or indirectly violating international laws and applicable legislation;
  • any advertising information not related to the Forum or the Game. The Forum also prohibits public advertising of Internet resources (websites, forums, etc.) that have nothing to do with the Company’s resources. The Forum also prohibits adding links to other resources or images violating the Rules in the signature (or profile, etc.) This does not apply to the links to the Users' home pages. In any case, texts calling to visit such pages are prohibited;
  • abuse of codes (tags), colors, capital letters;
  • discussion of any vulnerabilities of the Game, Game code, Company Websites, User Accounts, game play or similar topics.

Users are also prohibited to:

  • pass on messages from Users whose Accounts are ‘Read Only’ or ‘Blocked’;
  • quote posts containing clear violation of the Rules;
  • intentionally or accidentally impersonate another User, Moderator, Administrator or employee of the Company;
  • insult in any way Moderators, Users, Administrators, employees of the Company, owners of the Game, and any third party;
  • criticize the actions of the Administration and Moderators relating to the Forum governance, unless in designated Forum sections.

5. Private messages

Private messages of Users (conversations) are generally not reviewed by Administration and Moderation to detect violations hereof; however, same rules apply to this part of the Forum as well. You can flag the messages in conversation that violate the Forum rules by clicking ‘Complaint.

6. Penalties and types of penalties

The Forum Administration and Moderators may at their own discretion apply the following restrictions to a User for violating of any of the Forum Rules:

  • Verbal warning

Administration and Moderation have a right to (but not required to) issue a verbal warning to a User if an offense was not considered severe enough to temporarily or permanent block or restrict an Account or its functionality. The verbal warning shall contain the reason that caused it.

  • Preliminary moderation (“Pre-moderation”)

Pre-moderation means that every message or topic a User attempts to post on the Forum will have to be approved or declined by a Moderator prior to publishing.

  • “Read-Only” status designation

“Read-only” status means a restriction that blocks a User’s ability to use the Account, namely to create/send new messages on the Forum, create new topics on the Forum and its sections, sending messages to other Users. A User with this status can only read the materials published on the Forum.

  • “Blocked” (“Ban”) status designation

“Ban” status means a temporary or permanent limitation of the User’s rights to use the Account on the Forum, meaning: blocking of a User’s Account and all of its Forum abilities and functions.

7. Violation of the Forum Rules

The Forum rules (applied to private messages, topics, messages and profiles) explicitly prohibit the following actions:

7.1. Provocation, trolling, flame

Any messages and expressions aimed at inciting conflicts, controversy, or other types of negative effects, or repercussions of such effects are considered as offense.


  • “Read-only” status designation from one day to three weeks;
  • “Blocked” status designation from one day to three weeks;

On repeated offense:

  • “Blocked” status designation from three weeks to permanent.

7.2. Usage of profanity, masked profanity, vulgar expressions, inflammatory language

Profanity, including that masked with different letters/words or replaced symbols in words, vulgarities and generally inflammatory expressions are strictly prohibited on the Forum and are considered as offense.


  • “Read-only” status designation from one day to three weeks;
  • “Blocked” status designation from one day to three weeks;

On repeated offense:

  • Pre-moderation from three weeks to four months;
  • “Blocked” status designation from three weeks to permanent.

7.3. Derogatory attitude, or offenses based on racial and/or national prejudice

Any attempts to incite international and/or interracial enmity, derogatory and prejudiced attitude are generally considered as offense. 


  • “Read-only” status designation from one day to three weeks;
  • “Blocked” status designation from one day to three weeks;

On repeated offense:

  • Pre-moderation from three weeks to four months;
  • “Blocked” status designation from three weeks to permanent.

7.4. Off-topic messages, messages flood, spam

Creating multiple messages with same content, creating messages/topics that bear no practical meaning, or intentionally splitting the messages/topics which could fit into one, or deviating from the topic of discussion are forbidden. Such actions are considered as offense.


  • “Read-only” status designation from one day to two weeks;
  • “Blocked” status designation from one day to two weeks;

On repeated offense:

  • Pre-moderation from one week to one month;
  • “Blocked” status designation from three weeks to permanent.

For unrelated topics, you are welcome to start a thread in the off-topic section of the Forum.

7.5. Posting referral links, advertising links, or other types of advertising

The Forum prohibits placement of any kind of advertising of other resources, services, goods as well as placement of referral links.  Such actions are considered as offense.

However, this does not apply to fan-based resources or social media communities, and other fan-made materials.


  • “Blocked” status designation from one day to two weeks.

7.6. Posting photos/videos and other materials of NSFW/shocking/pornographic nature in messages and profiles

The Forum prohibits posting any materials that are pornographic, obscene, shocking or in any other way offensive. Such actions are considered as offense.


  • “Blocked” status designation from two weeks to permanent.

7.7. Text formatting abuse

The forum forbids excessive use of text formatting, intended or not, that makes text hard or impossible to read.  Such actions are considered as offense.


  • Removal of message or topic, a warning;

On repeated offense:

  • “Blocked” status designation from one day up to two weeks.

7.8. Quoting abuse

Users are strongly recommended to avoid excessive quotations of other posts. Such posts contaminate the Forum and hamper its perception by other Users. We recommend the Users to quote only the necessary information, rather than the full text of the preceding post.

However, if you experience any difficulties posting from a mobile, quoting abuse will not be considered as offense. In cases like this, Moderators will modify your post if necessary.

The Administration and Moderators may at their own discretion impose penalties for quoting abuse.

7.9. Prohibition against reviving long inactive topics (necroposting)

The Forum prohibits reviving long inactive topics (necroposting) in the news section. Such action is considered as offense. The Forum Administration and Moderators may at their own discretion impose penalties for reviving long inactive topics (necroposting).

7.10. Creating multiple Accounts or Characters

The Forum does not closely monitor but nevertheless moderates the creation and use of multiple accounts for various abusive actions, violation of rules or artificial reputation boosts.


  • Verbal warning;
  • “Blocked” status designation from one week to permanent.

7.11. Distribution of information on cheats

The use, distribution and advertising of third-party software (the "Software"), which gives an gameplay advantage against other Users of the Game (“cheats”), is strictly prohibited in any form.

Any reference to sources (websites, forums, social media pages, etc.) of such Software is also prohibited.

Such actions are considered as offense hereof and the Administration and Moderators may impose penalties for such actions at their own discretion.

7.12. Reputation boosts

The Forum restricts reputation boosts (artificial boosts of reputation through the use of multiple Characters, solicitation from Users or creation of topics/messages that bear no practical meaning).

Such actions are considered as offense hereof and the Administration and Moderators may impose a relevant penalty at their discretion.

7.13. Ban on discussions of actions taken by the Administration

It is forbidden to discuss the actions of the Administration, Moderators and the Game developers.

The following actions are considered as violating the ban on discussion of the Administration's actions:

  • disputes over points given to a User or a public statement of disagreement with any penalty imposed;
  • threats to the Moderators and developers of the Game.

Moderators are not allowed to engage in public discussion of their actions.

Such actions are considered as offense hereof and the Administration and Moderators may impose a relevant penalty at their discretion.

Complaints on the actions of Moderators should only be sent to [email protected]

8. Feedback

If you have certain issues or questions you cannot find a solution for on the Forum or in the FAQ section, you may contact Administration at [email protected]

9. Limitation of liability

The User understands and agrees that he/she uses the Forum at his/her own risk.

The responsibility for the information posted by a User lies with himself/herself.

The Administration does not guarantee that:

  • the Forum will fully meet the Users’ requirements;
  • access to the Forum will be provided in a continuous, quick and reliable manner;
  • the information posted by Users on the Forum is reliable.

Thank you for understanding, dear users and future players, and good luck on our forums!


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Using Complain button to attract the attention of forum administration

Using Complain button to mark your own message (e.g. with “Delete” or “Answer this” comment to attract the attention of forum administration) is prohibited. Please remember that this function is only intended for complaints of violation of the forum rules. Its abuse is considered a violation and may entail an administration of warning points.

To quote other messages consciously

Also, we’d like to ask you to quote other messages consciously. Quite commonly, quotes have few images and paragraphs of text and the reply itself is just one line long. Such messages make Forum look cluttered and interfere with the comfortable perception of the topic by other visitors. We suggest you to only quote the parts essentially linked to your reply. Thank you for understanding.

Daily message restriction for newly registered users

The forum features a daily message restriction for newly registered users - they can post no more than 9 messages per day. As soon as the total number of messages left by user reaches 20, the restriction is lifted, allowing user to post without any limitations.


Addition to the Forum Rules

Posting referral links to other projects is a violation of the forum rules and may result in imposing of warning points. Please remember that the forum is only intended for discussion of the Escape From Tarkov project.

Discussing actions of the forum administration, moderators and developers alike, is prohibited. What is considered "discussing the actions of the forum administration":

  • Disputing the imposed warning points or public statement of disagreement with the imposed penalty;
  • threats addressed to the moderators and developers.

Your complaints of moderator actions should be sent only to support @ battlestategames. com

Moderators are forbidden from publicly discussing their actions.

Necroposting in the News section

Necroposting (bumping of the old topics) in the News section is strictly forbidden! This is a serious violation of the forum rules which hinders the proper perception of the current and outdated information, and the moderators could impose substantial penalty for it.

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Account/Character Naming Rules

The regulations provided below apply to the names of the characters and clan names in Escape From Tarkov. If the account or a character name violates these rules, it will be given a warning and a standard nickname (appearing like TarkovCitizen12312352) will be assigned to it. In the case of serious or repeated violation of name selection rules, your account may be blocked.

Attention: the name-changing functionality is not available yet, but will possibly be introduced later.

The list of possible violations includes, but not is limited to the following:

Nicknames and names of clans that:

  • Directly or indirectly relate to registered trademarks.
  • Directly or indirectly relate to public people (celebrities, high-ranking officials, et c. - everything that could be considered as pretending) unless it is your real name. In the latter case, please be prepared to make a picture of yourself with your ID in hand at the request of the moderators.
  • Are directly or indirectly insulting to another person or a group of persons, or contain profanity.
  • Directly or indirectly contain a name or nickname of Battlestate Games staff.
  • Directly or indirectly use vulgar expressions as well as notions of physiological aspects  that are commonly considered vulgar.
  • Directly or indirectly mention illegal drugs or illegal actions.
  • Directly or indirectly contain mentions of sexual or violent actions.
  • Are racist or derogatory against a certain group of people.
  • Directly or indirectly mention religions and/or religious leaders.
  • Contain ads, including, but not limited to ads of websites, social communities or organizations (it doesn't mean EfT communities).
  • Make pretence that their owner is related to the administration of the game or forum ("moderator", "admin", et c.)
  • Contain information that violates the laws of the Russian Federation or rules of ethical conduct.

The forum administration and the Battlestate Games company reserve the right of final decision on conformity of the questionable nickname to company rules.

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