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Medical bag for medical items

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I for one, actually thing the medical system changes were welcome.  They make Tarkov appropriately high stakes by making healing much more difficult and less game-y.  

However, you are required to take A LOT of medical items with you.  

First a lexicon:
Basic medical item: a bandage, splint, painkiller, AI-2, etc.
Wound: Fracture, Bleeding, etc.

Also, forewarning, I might be misremembering exactly which wound types each kit heals.

What I propose to address this is to either create a set of medical bags/kits or turn the existing IFAK/Grizzly/Car/Salewa into containers that can contain the various medical items they support similar to the existing Pistol Case.

For instance, a Grizzly would remain 2x2 but would hold 3x3 (or even 4x4) of all medical items since it currently heals _all_ wound types.  Similarly, the other would only be able to contain the basic medical items that the particular medical kit currently heals (Car: hold bandages, etc.).  A car would take up 1x2 spaces but hold 2x2 bandages, for another example.

When you use this med kit, it consumes a basic medical item for whatever purpose with the order following a priority (stop bleeding -> fix fracture -> replenish HP).  You would then be able to refill the bag by finding or purchasing more basic medical items.

This is a two part suggestion, with the first part being a space saving bag to allow more medical while still leaving space in backpacks/secure containers.  The second part is re-appropriating the existing medical kits.  In my opinion, re-appropriating the existing med kits and making them refillable is beneficial as it preserves the ease of use of the bags as well as providing the space savings.  Instead of tabbing into medical, right-click -> open bag, apply bandage, it allows you to just apply the kit itself or drag it onto the wound to save a little time.  This further encourages players to buy these bigger medical bags. The only detrimental effect this might introduce as I see it is reducing the need to buy Grizzlies to replace used up grizzlies.  This could be countered by adding more differentiated basic medical items similar to there being several types of bandage.  Thus you might have several types of splint.  But this is getting off into the weeds of implementation details and warrants some discussion.

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