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PeaceKeeper Vendor Spreadsheet


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Heya All,

I was doing a fair amount of Data mining for myself as I often farm Cabinets on Customs for items to sell to Peacekeeper, to min/max my runs and also gather other data (mainly weight data for strength levelling) I created a spreadsheet. I have only just started it fresh and slowly adding more as I go, I am open to suggestions on improvements and if you have ANY data you would like to add, simply message me on here. I have disabled editing by everyone just so it doesn't become a nightmare.

If you guys/gals like the idea I can expend and start gathering data on additional vendors, additional values and drop chances (work in progress).




Current details: Sale Price, Price per Slot, Weight and Weight per Slot.

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Started out doing the same thing except with keys.  Then added items to the list as you have, with the exception of weight, which is a greeaat idea!

I  would be quite interested in you continuing.  Almost all of my data is pre-patch and needs updating.  Looks like they dropped prices by 10% or so.

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