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I want this piece of clothing scavs where.


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I would like to know what this top is called as I am interested in creating a cheeki cosplay and I like how it looks. I assume the devs modelled it from a reference image. 

The dark navy blue long sleeve the scavs sometimes where. Thanks.


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Just buy a simple sweater and a put a vest ontop of it 


I know its not the same but this is the closest you can get, i think the ingame model is made from this IRL sweater 


And something like this, you can get stuff like these much chaper in chinese shops, i dunno if there are so often in your country but they are very common in slovakia for selling cheap stuff that usually dont last long... 

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Off the top of my head the closest thing would be one of the old British army, navy or air force wooly jumpers as they have that striped texturing of the wool. You'd have to remove the elbow pads off them though. 

You could probably get a Grade 1 version (used) pretty cheap off ebay or from a surplus store.

That, a puffy bodywarmer and a fishing vest and you'd be sorted dude :)



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