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Terragroup Wallpaper&Hollow logo+"Alpha" Wallpaper

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Hello guys,after a long time I bring you 2 new wallapers and 2 Hollow logos for making patches.

First is a Terragroup wallpaper,nothing to special there and the second was meant for the Alpha testing phase,but as Alpha just become Beta when I finished it I decided to put it as an extra when I will publish something new.Now unfortunately I never got to finnish the Scav wallpaper and probably never will as I realised that the scavs aren't a faction like BEAR or USEC and they are more like groups of people loosely cooperating and probably won't use logos and such as a true faction (for now).Though,I did made something on wich I'm working at the moment,and I will post it soon,even though the word "soon" to me means completely another thing.

All of them are FREE TO USE.

I hope you enjoy them!







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