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Are timed tasks here to stay or change?

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There is a serious problem having timed tasks in this game. It kind of goes against what this game is suppose to be. It is suppose to be a slow paced realistic game, right? Not a run and gun game? Not another CoD? Am I right? 

Just as an example, having a timed task where you have to kill 25 BEAR, (or 25 of anything for that matter) in 1 hour, is ridiculous. Having timed tasks that are based on real life time doesn't really work, as long as you think the majority of the players have nothing else to do in their life then playing this game.

What this does is that players will try and exploit the tasks to just get them done, and none will complete them as intended. And those not able or want to exploit, will end upp frustrated and probebly stop playing the game in the long run. What is even more frustrating is that if you fail the task, you loose your standing with said trader. So you implement impossible or brutally hard timed tasks that require alot of trial and error before succeeding which will end up the standing to be reset to 0.0 with the trader.

My question is - are the task timers here to stay? Are the devs aware of the problem? Do they think this is a problem? And what were they thinking??

I know there are alot more people then me having negative opinions about this, atleast if you head over to reddit.com ( https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/7bi673/timers_on_quests_need_removed/ )



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