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Therapist stuck at rank II


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Go to raid as your PMC (scav won't work), after you finish it, traders will properly refresh.

You probably finished some task. It sometimes bugs at this point. I had this problem with Therapist LL 4. I got my lvl 35 by completing task for Prapor. No matter what I did, Therapist was stuck at LL 3. Relog and stuff didn't work.

I went as a hatchling on shoreline, disconnected from the match, confirmed leave and she suddenly was LL4. 

Try it

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i am having the same issue with fence not leveling up

i cannot start a new thread yet, but for the papor task "Checking" i pickup the bronze pocket watch, it gives the ding as if to complete a task but when i exit the raid it is still incomplete and requires me to do it again. 

anyone else having this problem?

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There is a graphic there, but i believe it's just a placeholder or error at this time, correct. Fence has no purpose really, other than buying stuff you don't have access to. Even selling knives, save them for MP5 trades @ peacekeeper lv2. He may even be a test / simulation of the open player trade/auction house system they're developing.

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