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Matching Fixes/Ideas

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Hi, I see some ideas around but not a place where people talk about matching. Also I see a lot of problems with the current matching system. I'll not even talk about the long waits on the match screen (let's assume it's a bug been fixed at the moment).

I'm going to talk about spawn because as well. I believe matching and spawn have a high correlation, unless we go into a system where the match closes at the beginning (what I really don't like).

1 - Squads: I believe the main problem I've been facing is squads matches. What do I mean?

- Squads should match with other squads with approximately same size. So I would love to see the match system prioritizing 5vs5, 5vs4, 4vs4,, 4vs3, 3vs3, 3vs2, 2vs2, 2vs1, 1vs1 teams. My 5c is to even the max number of players in each map so the end game will maximize the number of squads matches (for example 3x 5players squads), today the max players numbers are not really good for the 5 man groups (6,8,9,12). And please, stop filling up matches with single players vs 5 players squads! That brings me to the second point.

- Change the max number of players in a squad depending on the map, so it can maximize the squads fights. I can see some threads talking about limit the number of players in a squad or reduce, I believe it should depend on the map and the number of players on the map. For example factory with max of 6 players should allow only 3 man squads, that way you will have 2x 3man squads or a 3vs2 man squad, it may make sense to add a single player in this fight (refer to skill based match).

2 - Skill based Match: I can't tell if the skill is been used to match.

- Would be good to have the skill based match in place, this would help on the game play. Also with the skill based could make sense to add squads with small numbers to play against squads with hight numbers of players. I can even see a solo player against a 2 or 3 man squad. For example, let's say match by avg skill: if you have 2 players lvl 20 a lvl 40 players could fight the 2 man squad. That should help fill up matches.

3- Matching wait: If you can't find a fresh match in 2-3min give an option to join a old match.

- Let's say it's been hard to find me a new match. Show an old match option and give the option to "join or not" with the remaining time of the match. So if I want to keep waiting more 2-3 min for a fresh match I have the option to stay in the queue or I can just jump in an "old" match and see what is going on. Waiting 10min for a fresh match sometimes is really boring. Also sometimes I'm not looking for the early PVP fight, I just want to chill, PVE and loot every single item (nice surprise if a PMC is still around).

4 - Spawn time: Spawn time could be spread across the match. It kind of hard today since the map is very linear, but with some improvements in the spawns areas would be nice to see a spread on spawn time so it stop been a battle royal at the start. It could help on matching time as well, since if you are in a squad of 5 you can jump in a new match without having to wait for another 5 players team and so one.

-  It could spawn PMCs up if the match still have 15min or more to go in the clock (depending on the map, for example: customs/shoreline 25, woods 20).

- It could spawn Scavs at any point (keeping things quite on edge for PMCs), if a PMCs still on the match. Scavs groups should try to match with the same number of players (see item 1)

5 - Scavs AI: Respawn should be random and away from Players. It's really strange today, not sure if it's random or not.

- Scavs AI should have a high probability of spawning on the map and always away from Players. Would be nice to have a constant number of Scavs on the match all the time. Let's say a min and max Scavs depending on the map. Scavs could respawn on waves (like they are group of people getting in the area) and always away from areas the player is. This way they/scavs can be attracted by the player if there is some gun fight or the player can constantly seek for interaction in the match.

- I feel very strange the scavs just spawns when PMC goes over a area, at least this how it looks like to me today. They could spawn at the start of the match and do as suggested above on waves.

There you go... Hope more people can collaborate and we see some improvements in next patch!

A lot of ideas, I hope people can collaborate and give some good ideas for good gameplay.


ps: let me know if I need to do any typo/grammar fix, really tired :)




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