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DVL-10 M1 / M2

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Name: DVL-10 Diversant ("Saboteur")

Type: sniper rifle
Country of origin: Russia
Produced: 2010 - present time
Variants: M1, M2
Caliber: .40 Lobaev Whisper, .308 Win
Action: sliding breech bolt
Feed system: box magazine
Customization: muzzle devices, sights, front support, pistol grip

DVL is a lightweight, compact and silent sniper rifle designed to work with new and existing subsonic ammunition for solving special service and combat tasks requiring exceptional precision and operational range. The existing models in the market could not comply with the required characteristics, primarily in operational accuracy and range, and that is how DVL concept was born. © Lobaev Arms





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The sound as you pull back the bolt and chamber the next round is something that just "feels good". I guess an example is why some people enjoy driving manual cars, the sense of control and perhaps the simple application of the human element to an other wise mechanical procedure.

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3 hours ago, Goodmydaniel said:

Hmm, suppresed right? Will be a suppresor available for the unsuppresed versions? Like, i am not sure what ammo it has, but can a particular suppresor be attached?

Not supressed, that's just a tubular sheath, a "barrel shroud" :) 

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