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Would love to have some kind of benchmark, camera that runs trough e.g customs and goes trough dorms, with constant weather and time so it would be a little easier to tune for optimal fps and visuals.

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Bumping this so hopefully a dev responds if they're going to be working on one before official release.

Would be super useful to have a official benchmark for the game (along with option to compare to other users and see some of their basic specs like CPU/GPU/Ram/SSD like steam does)

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Bumping. Here's my opinion:

1. Since the beginning, EFT has been updated numerous times, however, it is still unclear what is the requirement of PC gears - chipsets and so even while you actually can't run the game prior to purchase. In other words, we have no benchmarks here, so what if a person buys but not meets the requirement? You could still say "that's their fault" but I don't think it is 100% their fault. BSG may introduce some kind of benchmarks, like the topic says. Camera going through few maps, like Shoreline/Woods (forested area) and Customs/Interchange (urban area) with few Scavs roaming, sometimes popping smokes or so.

2. However, there might be some kind of concerns like this: benchmarks are the breaching entrance to hacks. I'm not going to tell things in detail, but, I know a certain game which was infested with hackers due to its benchmark software (which was vulnerable) so I can understand the case if BSG decides NOT to publish benchmarks. Even though, I think BSG can update their "minimum requirement" and we (as members of community) can gather PC settings and framerate reports to invite more players. After all, this is a beta game, and I believe that "it is beta" means "community is a part of developers."

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