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Punisher part 3 suggestion/issues


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Hey, So I recently bought this game and have been having a blast playing it. However, when I have been trying to do the tasks for prapor, mainly the 3rd punisher one in which you have to kill 25 scavs in customs within an hour, I find the time limit to be a bit excessive and frustrating. Not only that, but once I finally managed to get all 25 kills done in the 1 hour limit, on my way to the extraction I was greeted by a notification reading that I failed the mission shortly after having got the 25 kills because I ran out of time and didn't turn in the task before the one hour was up.

If the time limit was just increased a little bit, maybe another 30 minutes or so, and made it so the timer would stop once you got the kills, I think it would be balanced better since nothing is more frustrating than sitting down and just running through customs for hours killing the few scavs I can find just to fail the mission because i didn't turn it in in time.


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Here's the route I take for it and finished it in about 40 minutes:

Spawn Island -> Construction Site -> Hole in the Wall by Bus Depot -> Gas Station -> Checkpoint -> Extract -> Repeat

Most of the time, you won't run into any players if you keep running and spot scavs quickly.  At night, its a lot easier since scavs will have a difficult time spotting you.  Once you see the notification that you finished the task, chuck your insured gear somewhere safe, and confirm leave.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the helpful reply!

Thats the same root that I've been taking and most runs I find 0-1 scav in construction, maybe 1-2 at bus stop sometimes 0, none under bridge unless I get very lucky and theres 3, maybe 2 at gas station and between 1 and 2 at checkpoint (mostly only 1) sometimes I run through and get 4 kills and its just infuriating to sit down for an hour gauntlet and not be able to do it because I dont get enough scav spawns lol, and then when i do do it not realize you fail if you dont turn it in in the same hour, well it makes me just want to not play haha...

But Ill give it another go, maybe 2 more lol... thanks for wishing me luck and best of luck to you in the future as well!

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I just finished the quest with 25 mins left. died from a PMC once and from a tricky scav once, totaled 5 runs. 

my tip is to:

#1 have a couple weapons and tactical rigs at the ready.

#2 go in to customs with the quest as the only focus, dont loot or anything just rush to the spots with scavs, take you're time killing them and move on. its 3-4 runs and 30-60 minutes of you time. save looting for other runs when you're not on the clock. 

#3 route: check close to bridge, go construction and all the way through, push fence to gas station and keep going to  checkpoint, extract at the furthest extraction point. most rounds i found 2 scavs after checkpoint going to the extraction. 

bonus: quest was an eye opener for me, never thougth i could get 13 kills in a 9 minute customs run. easy exp! 


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