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Suggestion And Concerns for the future of Tarkov

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Hello, I've been playing Tarkov for quite some time now and there is some suggestions I have and concerns I would like to address aswell.


1. This is already been addressed, but it has been bugging me. Stashes should be able to be upgraded by this point either by quests or in game currency. The Pre-Order bonuses should be the same, but players should NOT be, forgive me, penalized for buy a cheaper version. The more expensive versions should just be a "Boost" of sorts.

2. I like the idea of having a certain time to extract, but I feel there should be a way to extend it. I.E. you will start getting radiation if the time runs out, but if you have a gas mask or anti-rad pills then you can extend your time.

3. A.I. are a bit buggy, but much better than most games I play. A.I. should not be able to see perfectly in the dark, nor should they be able to see through objects. I feel this needed to be in here but I'm sure the developers are aware of this and will fix it before the game is released.

4. Some quests are bugged, I.E. Prapor's bronze watch quest won't always spawn in, and if it does it won't let you loot it occasionally.

5. Desyncing items. Items that remain blinking. Maybe get better (or more) servers?

6. I understand the map is a work in progress, but there is some clipping spots where you can get out of the map accidentally or on purpose (I will record/screenshot the areas and attach them to this post later on.

7. Combat all in all in pretty damn good, but there is some moments where you will hit someone and it will not register, or become and invalid shot. I feel this ties in with the servers and would be an easy fix.

8. Custom games would be amazing with a non-savable character in which players can make their own gamemode. This should be added in lastly almost when game is out, because this is not a mandatory fix but would just be another fun thing to do.


1. I understand the game is meant to be "hardcore" but I feel there should be more medical ways to treat wounds such as a tremor and such that act as a permanent fix rather than a temporary fix. I feel the medical system should be more in-depth with packing and elastic bandages, along with morphine, epinephrine, and full-scale medkits which would heal certain types of wounds immediately.

2. A major concern of mine is the armor. Some armor allows players to take multiple bullets to the head, which ruins the gameplay occasionally. I feel the right click with an axe should knock a player's helmet off, I feel helmets should get broken after few bullets (depending on caliber) and that there is weakpoints on all armor. I.E. a helmet is weak or useless at covering the face without a visor, and a visor helmet doesn't cover the back of the head or the neck. I feel if someone's arm is broken or lost entirely, they should not be able to fire a 2 handed gun, but rather only be able to shoot a pistol inaccurately with 1 hand.

3. The servers are very, very laggy occasionally with players teleporting around becoming almost impossible to hit.

4. The "Ghost Player" glitch happened to a friend of mine recently which is gamebreaking. It happens when you are looting and your game stutters or one of the items in your inventory start blinking or desyncing. Then, your player will be standing still but you will be able to move around (only on client side) as someone who is invisible to other players. This "Ghost" is unable to return to the host, extract, or kill players.


I understand this is a beta game, but this is my feedback. If I missed something or something here is misinformation please let me know by responding to this or messaging me personally.

Sincerely, twitch.tv/guss_bus

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