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To the geared player I killed as a scav on Shoreline


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So I just spawned in on Shoreline at the Gas station, immediately see dead fellow Scavs everywhere.  I loot a few of them, not much left.  I'm like okay well may as well head towards the dock exit.  More dead bodies everywhere, I head towards them and then out of the first left building comes a fully geared pmc.  

I panic and start firing wildly at him with my P226 with no sights on it and proceed to kill him in 4 shots lol....

Every shot he fired at me missed, couldn't believe what had just happened, I thought it was a head shot that got you but nope??


Anyway, whoever you were Thanks for the Armor, Tri-zip, grenades, loot and fully upgraded AK74M.   Also sorry!  You must have been very mad.

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well, thats good for you bro, but i honestly dont like this type of threads. they look more like bad behaviour to me and those posts are childish af. I mean yea, you made some good moves as a scav but its normal, bullets kill, even with the smallest weapon. could happen to you as well.

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