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Hacking electronic devices for intel

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One idea I thought might be a good fit for something in Escape From Tarkov was having a skill for Hacking, particular electronic devices.

The idea is based on one of my favourite indie games - NEO Scavenger.

The idea is that any lootable electronic devices in the world such as laptops, smartphones, tablets etc could possibly contain valuable intel. However these devices would be encrypted and would require skills in hacking to crack the encryption.

Once the device is cracked and open, a USB device would also be required so transfer the data onto it. You could possibly just carry the device but I would put forward the ideathat carrying a laptop is more space than a USB, and only to carry the device if you didn't have a USB handy.

This data could then be sold to Traders, the quality of the data could be randomised - I.E cracking a laptop might have barely any information and fetch a low price, whereas cracking another laptop, the information could be extremely valuable  to whichever trader you are selling to and net you a nice price.

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Good idea.

It's actually like a form of gambling, because you can try to decrypt electronics on the spot, or use space to take it with you, not knowing if it's got valuable intel on it or not.

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Reminds me of some of the random data you could find during missions in the Shadowrun games, which you could later sell for various amounts of money. I actually rather enjoyed that, as it was kind of like a reward for exploring (plus, it was cool putting my decking skills to good use).

+1, would like to see in the game. Maybe with additional things also, like a market economy where if you keep an eye on it, you could notice various supplies (E.G. medical, mechanical, etc.) are running low and are being sought after, so next raid you could keep an eye out for some to carry back to net yourself a nice sum of extra spending money when sold on the market. The market would naturally fluctuate, so it'd mean the prices for items would vary, meaning junk items won't always be useless filler items and you'd also vary the loot table a bit, meaning we avoid things like how players only bother to pick up specific things. Sure, there will probably always be rubbish items most people won't bother to grab, but it'd still help prevent that.

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Interesting... but not in that way like skills to hack the device, not everyone has those skills (not fair).
Maybe a simple guide to have access to these unique devices, but without OP advantage of course.

This is basic, but, in every idea or each future implementation, is needed keep in mind about every player in game that will be affected by this one.

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On 11/17/2016 at 10:40 AM, blackmafia13 said:

It would be great as a perk.

Ya like something on the skill tree kind of thing. I don't know what they are going to do but something like that would be cool.

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