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Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

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This post has been approved by Battlestate Games representatives.


The Discord is in no way, shape nor form affiliated to Battle State Games and its Moderators and Administrators are NOT related to EFT Staff - they are players like you, who run a hub for all players to meet.


This thread will be used to verify members in the Unofficial EFT Discord Community. If you wish to put your feedback regarding the Discord or ask questions this is not the place - please refer to the topic by clicking this.

To join the Discord, use this link: https://discord.gg/escape-from-tarkov


Verification process should of been explained in Discord, but if you are still confused expand the spoiler below for more info.



Your post MUST follow this format:



No spaces or text between, only the name and four numbers. Those numbers can be found in the bottom left of the Discord:

Failure to do so could mean we don't verify you until you do it properly.


We have a bot in place that scours the post and verifies you automatically unless you are on the dont verify list - if you don't follow above instructions you won't get verified - simple!


thanks.png - Enjoy the Discord!

Unofficial EFT Discord Moderation Team

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