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[FYI][PSA] Trying to Help the Admins


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 Okay so I was hoping to answer some stuff since nobody reads anything and asking legitimate questions[Trust me on this] can get you a strike[No Offence Admins/Mods]. So I will try to answer some common questions that are ignored because they have been answered or it is common sense, which I realize is not very common.


  1. Q:Will Tarkov have "Micro-Transactions". A: The game is in "Closed Beta", Wait till they are closer to release because you won't get an answer.
  2. Q:Hacking/Cheating/Abusing game systems... A:Tarkov is not Arma, it is not Battlefield or CoD, *Jim Sterling voice* it is not a AAA game, The developers have stated they are using/creating an in house anti-cheat. So yes there will always be hackers but as they continue to develop the anti-cheat, it will get better. Also to you any sly cheaters, they manual ban, so stop.
  3. Q:Why is "X, or Y, or Z, in the game/patch/ect? A: As stated above, Tarkov is not a mishmash of different games. Escape From Tarkov is like Crysis and Dark Souls(hopefully). It will set the bar to be compared to. Answering the question, sometimes I ask the same, but professionally I will say this, They have gained attraction and attention. They will release when things are completed.
  4. Q: How do I report a suspected hacker? A: [Personal Experience] Maybe submit a Ticket and video if possible? However, DO NOT post it to the forums... A: [Professional] They have stated at this time you CAN NOT individually report.
  5. Q: Why do streamers/youtubers/ect get everything? A: Think of it like this, EFT says. "Hey Big Boi, would you like to advertise our game?" It is a sort of live demo of what, TIME, EFFORT, and SUPPORT will allow you to achieve. Unless you watch Klean, He is a god damn ninja and Demi-God, you will never be Sneaky Cheeki Breeki  like him[Semper Fi][Go watch his streams/vod if you do not believe me].
  6. Q: Why does the game now feel like a MMO grind compared to older patches/ect.? A: The game is in Beta... Things change daily and that is a question closer to release not now.
  7. Q: What about things like the bunker, flea market, and more stuff promised months ago but I have heard nothing? Did they scrap it? A: I will assume in my personal oppinion, Especially in regards to the bunker, The game and popularity skyrocketed, so I feel when they add a big patch, they add more than a gun a sight and half a map. I believe they want the patches to be like the Victory Day Parade in Red Square each year; Meaning everyone is awe struck.

 Those were some I feel I could answer, I am sure the White Knights will correct me. As for beginners, let me give you some tips.

  • Believe NOTHING YOU HEAR and HALF of What You See. Just because someone said it, wait till it happens.
  • Do not complain about the difficulty, you will get laughed at. This game was not designed for any specific audience.
  • Prepare to die, a lot. No seriously, A LOT.
  • Find people you trust, a battle buddy or a squad. Currently 2/3 mans with my team can clear customs/shoreline/woods. Did a 5 man on factory(full fort,kiever,ect) and cleared it 2/3 times.
  • Enjoy what you play now, because, it was a lot more rage inducing a few patches back.

 Sorry if this gets locked, but I wanted to give a players perspective on a few things. Hope this is okay.

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