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Bullpup Drop-In Kits


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This entire thread was an interesting read. There's dependable information and obvious plausible deniability from a few on here. I see we're all posting gun porn pics, so I felt the need to jump in.

Some people won't like my choice, don't really care. I've got decent groupings and the weapon fits great in my hand. Mind you it's a gen4 so larger magazine release on the side. Don't care if ya don't like it, it's mine, and I love the cerakoted deadpool coloring.


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If people want to deal with the atrocious decrease in accuracy and poor design that goes with bullpups sure. 

Something I thought about as an added suggestion towards the many "Bullup" weapons people suggest is to have someone like Peacekeeper or Skier to sell Bullpup Drop in kits for certain weapons reciever

I love reading threads like this with people who talk like they know guns. Quick google searches and COD as an information base.

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I wish I could elaborate in one word what I do literally daily so that when I say there's so much hollow nonsense talk in this particular thread you'd know what I meant. 

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a drop in kit is useless when going for realism, only people who do this do it for fun/looks not as an actual improvement to thier gun, i did it myself with a Kushnapup and the gun handled like poo after just looked "tacticool"

If going to add bullpups to the game only add proven and tested ones such as Tavor, x95, Famas, Aug A3, etc as they're BUILT on that platform so don't "suffer" as much, and if you guys didn't know the tavor has been called one of the best urban warfare rifles and thats why israeli troops use it now since all the fighting is usually in the city.

Anyways, screw dropin kits, just add us a few good staple bullpups and that's better. I like the idea but i'd rather have something like customized stocks, which gives you tons of options. but if going for bullpups rather have the real gun than a "fake"

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