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EU Server Problems

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Hello Escapees,

I'm playing from Scotland and the past couple of days have been a nightmare in raids as far as desync and lag go.

I'm witnessing something really strange when killing players and Scav's that wasn't there since the last update:

- When I shoot a static Scav in the head, it's taking anywhere between 1-5 seconds for the Scav to die.
- When I shoot a moving Scav in the head, he sometimes runs - returns fire - and then falls over dead between 1-5 seconds later.
- When I shoot players in the head, the same result happens.

On occasion the dead Scav has 'thrown' a grenade or even fired his gun while he's doing the fall over dead ragdoll.

I thought it might have just been on my end, but it seems Streamers from the UK are experiencing the same issue to varying degrees.

I'm playing at varying times of the day and night, grouped and solo.

Any input would be appreciated,


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Also on EU servers, North of England and can't say i'm suffering any lag Oddbaw, mate.

Did get spawed into a game just now and was insta-killed (litterally a 1 second game!) Lost M4A/Trizip/PACA.

Pretty frustrating but shrugged shoulders and moved on.

Loving this game.

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Yeah Recently my shots seem to be either registering fine or they are delayed by around 2-3 seconds, same thing when i am taking dmg its all being done at once when the server catches up. 

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Please, is there anything on this?

Today is plagued with disconnects before the deploying screen.

I haven't managed to get into a SINGLE raid.  Not one.

Offline is still working, so I'm positive it's nothing to do with my hardware.

No issues on other games or browsers.

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