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A complete opinion with suggestions

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Hello escaping people.

My name is Anna and I started playing Tarkov on 1st of Dec. I play games ( shooters and rpg mostly ) since I was a kid :)

It has been a long time since I felt a connection with a game, a connection that makes me feel happy even when sometimes it is a love-hate tragedy.

I really do want this game to work out because I simply missed the type of gameplay it offers:



-lots of adrenaline


It is addictive it is hardcore it is not another game for children with pointing out where to go what to do and how to finish the game. This is what I love about Tarkov you are on your own... unless you are with a team - then it is sometimes even harder. ( Sorry for the TK it was not on purpose;) )

The idea behind this game is something I was looking and craving for and I am very happy that my best friend convinced me to get this game. I am a big no no for beta games.

Anyway I played this game for 10 days now many hours per day ( I am recovering after an accident so time is on my side ;) ) and I have a heavy brainstorm about this game I want to share in hope that other players will speak up as well and share their thoughts. Also the idea is to have it in one topic - everything you like and dislike. 

Lets start from the beginning ( a remainder - those are my thoughts I am not jumping on anyone but spawn campers haha : P ) I was thinking this through and before I speak up I wanted to play quite a bit to have a proper opinion - not based on 30 min play.



It feels a bit clumsy at times and unfinished...( oh wow what a perception right! It is a beta! :P ) navigation feels a bit wierd at times ex. finishing quests, selling items the shops look a bit messy.

Anyway the music in menu is genius and I sometimes just stay in menu and listen to it good job there!



So... astonishing graphics with quite well designed body mechanics. This is a great plus but there is something I miss very very much.

I believe some older players remember a game called SOLDIER OF FORTUNE. Oh man. Guts and brains flying around... I miss that kind of brutal reality. If possible I would love to have this. Bah I would even pay the highest price for edge of darkness just to have that kind of realistic mind blowing experience.

Also I have a bit of salt with the trees. I would like to hear other opinions on this but the movement from wind feels sometimes very unnatural.

Speaking of mechanics I don't agree with the dehydration mechanic. Feels pushy and unreal.

Also the barbed wires a possibility on walking carefully through them would be nice or cutting them and make a free passage


Pain moaning is a bit overdone I have been wounded quite a bit of times broken bones, knife fun in the kitchen and stuff and two heavy surgeries.

I can say that this is unrealistic. After playing volleyball I broke my feet... and I didn't know I had broken it haha :D I went back on bike home it was hurting like hell and I noticed that at home when I took off my shoes that my feet is twice the size :D So I jumped in my car and drove to the hospital by my self because had nobody back then to help me :P but I din't make a sound - just when it happened.

What I want to say people are much stronger to moan after a broken leg like a crybaby. I understand moaning after being shot in stomach.... still morphine should take the pain away and make you even a bit careless with much smaller focus and blurry vision.

This is my real life exp ( well I wasn't shot but I had morphine :P ) that's why in game it feels funny and stretched sometimes even irritating.

People are tough and yes the first shock and pain should go off but most off people can bite their own teeth and go on especially if you are in life threatening situation:)

No weapon engagement!

The hand to hand combat feels quite bad at the moment - had few unpleasant encounters where I sneaked up at somebody started stabbing and nothing happen :D The person then turned around and killed me :P No idea was that due to the desync but I would like to make a proposition.

Since this is a tactical game with nerves and reflexes on the edge at all times could the hand to hand combat be more polished? If I would sneak up on someone could I grab the person by neck, arm, whatever else and try to stab a vital? Kick in the genitals ? :D Or even a simple kick? :P Just to spice it up because it feels a bit abandoned. Also with the chance for the attacked person to release themselves from the grip?

A feature like faking dead to make surprise attacks with be nice. This game is all about being careful right ?:D ( unless you are being killed at spawn where you don't even have a chance to be careful )

Some of things are a bit shocking like grenades :D Completely unpredictable. Got killed by my own why throwing into a room and taking cover in a different. Uhm :P

Also the MIA thing. I can't name it yet and find a suggestion but it just doesn't feel right. I was walking with broken leg so veeery slow ( out of painkillers ) but had extraction point just in my sight. I didn't make it even if I would if I would only have that 20 seconds more. Could this mechanic be rethinked? It feels odd when you make it but actually not make it. Maybe slow or stop the clock when you have extraction point in sight? Mixed feeling about this as I said can't get a grip on this yet.




Sound samples are great but as in one of the topics I have an issue with it - tried multiple solutions but nothing solved it and I can hear weird stuff dislocated or sometimes nothing too. My gun once bugged out didn't hear any shots. Maybe soon somebody will find a solution or if a problem is on game side devs will fix it.


Other thoughts:

Spawn campers – please stop this nonsense. You are taking an advantage of people spawning in already having an advantage of super high level gear. Is that fair to you? Would you like to loose your gear all the time like that ( not to mention I am still low level thanks to that because I can even finish a quest I am being spawn killed so often )? Play fair and let others play. This is not a game only for you. It's for many and making assholes moves makes other make assholes moves. Be okay, be decent, be fair please. I don't mind camping in later on - it is a part of the game. But camping at spawn where people are defenseless is mean and low. Having 1- 30 second raids is really fun breaking. If players won't get to their senses I hope devs will stop and find a solution to this outrageous behavior.


The screen border issue – does anybody else encountered this? I usually play in border less full screen mode but this is the first game that I encountered that when in game the cursor fly out of the screen taking me out of the game. It is a small issue but annoying for me at least. When I play and wait in a load screen or just wait for somebody I just move my cursor freely but in most games I played when the game starts the game locks the cursor from going out from the game.


Going through the forum and reddit I seen a lot of discussions about TK and scav on scav kills penalty and I hope that will be implemented. There is lots of great ideas there and I hope that devs and players keep a sharp eye on those and push them through. We have to remember this is a game for us and since it is in beta we have the power to make it to our liking. I believe taht players as well as devs will be reasonable and we will all make this game work great. My hopes are that I will be enjoying this game for YEARS to come like I was playing maniacally ET for many many years :D


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