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EFT Standard Edition Giveaway!

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I have really enjoyed playing/streaming EFT this year so as my last weekly giveaway of 2017 I am giving away a copy of the standard edition! Tickets will be available all week long during the stream using our points system, you earn points for chilling/chatting in the stream with a maximum of 100 tickets per person, the winner will be picked at the end of Saturday nights stream, don't worry if you can't be there, if you win I will contact you on Twitch within 24 hours.

I stream Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 18:00 GMT

Will sort the winner out some keys and gear too if they like?


Merry Christmas, and good luck to all!


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10 hours ago, TheKomrade said:

Aw man wish I would've been around earlier to join your stream :/ very nice of you to do this though!

Cheers man, just wanted to say thanks for an awesome year streaming and did say I would give a copy away. More will be coming in 2018 too.

8 hours ago, nuckingfuts said:

Simple stream advertising. nothing 'nice' about it. if anything i take offence to it. 

Giving something away offends you? That's sad man :( 

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