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Red dots, sight/scope optics color blind!


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Ok so i have discovered a manger issue for me personally and im sure its effecting others. 

I cant see the red optics in the scopes at all!

I'm colour blind and my primary colour loss is red... so with the scopes I cant see the dot. I have aimed it against every surface possible and unless its on a light none flare object/ texture I can just about make it out. I have also tried every graphic setting going to see if it help, but unfortunately not...

Can accommodations be made to the sights? Make the red dot, lines/optics stand out more or introduce the green dot variants? 



aka TNTManning 

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+1   Colour blind here too.

Love the game guys eft is my all time favourite FPS.

The red dot sights are a pain for me also, I’m sure BSG will sort this out when they have the time. 

Until then I’m guessing centre or using iron sights :D thanks for reading BSG! Keep up the excellent work!

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I don't know if this helps but can you use the laser pointer that is green would that help at all? Or are you red/green colourblind? Not a fix but may help.


Or can you use third party software like this: Visolve is the software tool that transforms colors of the computer display into the discriminable colors for various people including people with color vision deficiency, commonly called color blindness. 

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Brought this up before, same issue red/green colour deficiency.

They previously said that if it exists as a real thing it could be added.


I've found a sight that has red, green and blue dots that I hope they add. http://www.truglo.com/optics-red-dots/triton-30mm-tri-color.asp?catid=52E3D7409570433EBF69FA2CBEB51CA6


Looks like it could be really useful.

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I am also color blind. All the optics being either red or green definitely is hard for me to see on any surface. The best scope for me to use is the ELCON 1x 4x because the cross hairs are black (I am open to other optic suggestions), but I would for sure hope for a color blind option that would allow us to change the optics to blue. I know this might not be "realistic" but if I was in the real world firing these weapons I would be at a disadvantage as well and most likely not be able to pass the required tests anyway. Seeing as this is a video game and not real life I don't see the harm in adding an option that helps out fans of this great game, if it ruins your immersion then don't use the option. 

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