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Medical Enhancement - CLS / Field Surgury Kit

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Howdy Everyone,

I was watching a video of a session I played with a 4 man team, and I had an idea that might have been proposed or even planned for the future. However I searched the forum a bit - and I didn't see anything about it in exiting posts. Forgive me if it has been talked about before. It would be cool to enhance the teamwork in EFT, giving people some specialties, certain strengths that can help the squad in special ways. One basic idea I had was a Medical specialty.

Now, I know we will have skills, and this really will give that specialty if players are paying attention and playing to their strengths. But some roles could be expanded with some carefully designed inventory items. My idea is for some special medical supplies that we can carry, giving us the ability to treat some serious wounds or pain, at the cost of time, maybe even an accompanying soft skill prerequisite. The catch is that it can only be used on others, and people without the supposed Combat Medical skill level CANNOT use it at all, preventing the trading and treating.

For example I will talk about my Idea for a "CLS Bag" 

- Uses "Resource points" (RP) instead of HP points like normal med kits, possibly can be "refilled" by combining other items into it. (I.E. augmentin might give the kit +30 RP when combined, Saline +10 RP, so one and so on...)

- The RPs are used for all treatments with the kit, they can be used to treat bleeding, injuries, conditions, or HP loss. Of course in different amounts for each "treatment", depending on what is being treated.

- Allows holder to treat other players suffering from popped stomach, pain, tremors, or other conditions like dehydration or starvation as well. Again - only on other Players.

- Treatments of ALL types would take a "long time" ... I matter of minutes for some more serious - like Pain or Zero'd Stomach - maybe 2 - 3 minutes in one place. This would play off the time management and inherent vulnerability in Raids.

The inventory slots and resource amounts for kit would have to be tuned carefully for balance, but something like this might give the "Medics" in a crew to do more than throw items on the ground B|

Thanks for reading hope I explained it decently.

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Very interesting concept. Refreshing and clever. I definately would support a bad like this... however what slot would it take? Would it be like a large med kit you would fill up and could then place in your back pack? Our would this have to completely replace your backpack and you would have to rely on your mates for looting?


Keep up the good ideas my guy.

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