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Grenade Damage Delay

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It's no secret grenades are broken at the minute:

- Grenades blowing you up even though you've thrown them far.
- Grenades not exploding and causing damage where the model landed.

Today, I found a new one which is 80% reproducible:

Bug:  Your own grenade explosion will cause an area around it to kill you within 5 seconds of the grenade going off.
Location:  Factory 3rd story office hallway.  (It has not been possible to recreate this bug in an open area)
Description:  Throwing a grenade in this hallway creates a "Death Cloud" in which if the player who threw the grenade steps in it, it will kill them.  8/10 tries had the same result.  An interesting note is that this will not kill any other player that walks into it.  We tried in Lockers below the 3rd story office and only managed 1/10 tries.  This is also reproducible in Offline mode.

Perhaps there's a delay in shrapnel release?  I don't understand what the cause is but perhaps we can get some understanding from someone else?

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I've had this after throwing grenades into extraction points to clear them. Grenade goes off, wait a couple seconds then head down the stairs only to die instantly as if I was stood on the grenade when it went off

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