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Introducing Myself


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Hello, my name is Kreature and I just wanted to say Hi to the EFT community and introduce myself! So HI! :D

I have been doing as lot of looking at this game and have finally decided to become part of the EFT community.

I am very excited to finally start playing this game and have high hopes for everything! I c ome from csgo, cod and pubg, and am really looking forward to the change of pace that this game seems to offer! 

EFT is currently downloading as I write this! 

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Welcome Kreature!

Just some quick advice; this game does not have one speed like some of the others you have played, different maps have different play styles so you can play it slow and tactical or push out hard and fast depending on the map and situation within the map. One top tip would be to do some research, there is loads out there on youtube and on these forums but you should definitely take the time to go into a new map in single player mode and have a good look around. 

You can play solo and some people do so very well but your survivability and in my opinion enjoyment goes up when you group with team mates. It's not hard to find a clan or group of people to join through these forums in all time zones. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. 

Enjoy your time escaping Tarkov and welcome to the game.

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Thank you for the Tips. I will eventually play with a group however I am just gonna play solo for a bit to kind of get the gist of things first I I am aware of the tutorials but in a sense would like to figure out most of the mechanics on my own. I think of it as part of the fun :) Also it would be very hard to find people to play with in general. As I work 60+ hours a week so can really only play on the weekends. Thanks again for the kind gesture much appreciated.

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