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Screenshots of new customizable Ops-Core helmet

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20 hours ago, L3AHC1M said:

This helmet is really nice. Is there gonna be any difference is protection between the full face shield and the high visor?

I have heard a rumour that the ballistic visor (the biggest one) changes the helmet from level 4 to level 5, although I have not tested it/no proof. In future though, it will be able to be lifted up and down, and will affect visibility as well as add extra protection. I imagine the small visor will operate the same way as the ballistic glasses/goggles.

2 hours ago, KAALE said:

Will this be lower than Kiever but with option to add NVG and comtaks? 

Kiver is level 3, this helmet is currently level 4 protection

1 hour ago, Dalmar72 said:

sidearmour+mandible  or full face shied for better protection?

Side armour and mandible do add to the durability (up to 80 points IIRC), but the full face shield is rumoured to increase the armour level from 4 to 5, although I have seen no evidence. For now I would use the SA+mandible :) 

10 minutes ago, kyle_lasky said:

Does anyone know how to toggle the headset?

Not yet implemented, best bet is to take it off/on if you wish to use or not use it (annoying, but a workaround for now). I imagine toggling it is planned, though.

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