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KAC Compensator + Silencer Glitch


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I was surprised to find that you can mount an M4 suppressor on top of a compensator. That per se wasn't as surprising as the fact that the recoil reduction of the two is summed, instead of replaced. Let me explain why this is an error.

A compensator reduces vertical recoil by forcing gases exiting the barrel upwards, causing a downward force on the barrel. When a suppressor is mounted on top of a compensator, the gasses have nowhere to go, but inside the silencer. Thus, the recoil reduction created by the compensator is negated by the suppressor. That is the expected outcome in real-life physics and should be matched with in-game mechanics. No wonder the M4 has exceptionally low recoil coupled with silenced fire: it defies physics. 

I consider this a glitch, because stats-wise the two components should not stack with each other, but instead the benefits of a silencer should replace those of a compensator. Otherwise, there is no tradeoff in performance. It's equivalent to adding more ergonomics for multiple tactical grips; it makes no sense. 

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3 hours ago, TAW_Exoskeleton said:

If i remember right that compensator comes with its thread. Its up to you to use with silencer or not.

As said here by Exoskeleton, that KAC compensator is the adapter which allows you to mount a silencer on the M4

It is similiar with the Hybrid Suppressor, you need an adaptor, as the suppressor does not fit directly onto the barrel of the gun.

However, I have not heard of this glitch...

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It's definitely not a glitch, the compensator is actually threaded and is one of the methods of mounting the actual suppressor onto the barrel.

This is done IRL as well with real M4's > There are MANY many methods of mounting things on guns these days :')


I get what you mean by the stat stacking however, I don't believe it fully stacks stat-wise however that isn't confirmed information.

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