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Killed by: Player or AI?


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Hey BSG, 

I absolutely love all the hard work you guys are putting into EFT, it truly is a wonderful game. after playing many hours on the recent update one suggestion I have comes in regards to Scavs.

I often get nuked out of nowhere by them which is part of the enjoyment of the game for me as it lets know to check that corner next time or pay more attention to my surroundings, however I can never determine if it was a player Scav or an AI Scav. what would your collective thoughts be if on the death screen where it says killed by and the Scav's respective name to put in parenthesis if it was a Player or the AI? or is there already a way to tell this in game?

Keep up the good work!


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If they have a space in their name they're a Scav (Firstname Lastname).
PMCs will have no spaces (xxSniper123 or haxor_twitch) so you can be certain they're a player.

That leaves out human-controlled Scavs which you can only assume based on if you heard them or saw them move in typical AI way. If you got killed in an area AI scavs don't hang around then likely was a human (AI Scavs don't go everywhere).

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