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gib optimization pls


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i just spent 40 minutes on the new shoreline at 20 - 40 fps. 

if the new map wasn't so cool, i would vomit.

I really want to explore what new shoreline has to offer, but its really difficult when it gives me a migraine due to such a low framerate.

pls optimize shoreline


Im running the game on a gtx 1080, and a quadcore intel i5 4690k processor. 

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16 hours ago, Halvatore said:

A GTX1080 and an i5? Is that a typo?

no, i upgraded my gpu but not cpu

Also, are the servers for shoreline bad as of right now? I was in a scav raid on shoreline, made it to the extraction, and got server connection lost. Tried to reconnect but failed and was taken back to menu screen without my scav's loot.

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