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Enjoying the new patch?

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I am trying to say that I bought this game like 1.5 or 2 year ago in alpha state for almost $200 and I there are ciritical issues that have been addressed by the community and have not been fixed. They add new weapons and thermal scopes while the servers run like potatoes and the game crashes now and then.

1. Desynchro is so big that players run invisible and can kill others while so

2. Sound bugs and sound desynrcho have not been fixed since alpha

3. Problems with getting into a game - forever loading or crashes to desktop - watch the screen above.

4. Doors disappear and appear

5. New bugs from last patch- constant reload or weapon handling sound bugs

I can go and go but excuse me I just reinstalled the game I will try for 10th time to access some of the new patch content :-)

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